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I found a "funny cover letter" I wrote while applying for jobs last year. I didn't end up sending it out to any schools, opting for a more formal letter instead. But this was written from my heart, and I'd like to leave it here where I might find it again.

To Whom It May Concern, I swore to my parents and teachers that I would not become a teacher, despite what seemed to be their continuous insistence I was a natural teacher. Further, as a young student, I couldn't quite say that I cherished mathematics as a subject. So how has it come to be that I am now sitting down to earnestly write a genuine, heartfelt letter about how I deeply desire a position teaching math? In high school, I worked hard to earn the prerequisite score of 3 on the AP Calculus exam. I received my results and exalted that I would not be required to take another math course at SUNY Geneseo. My interest then was to travel, and I was lucky to have multiple opportunities to live, study and work abr…

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