Thursday, June 4, 2015


I was just reading and in response to a recent post... 

I used this (image below) to teach an application for multiplying polynomials. 
Maybe showing students the two shapes separately before combining them, giving them the chance to COMPOSE before asking them to DECOMPOSE a composite shape, would help them understand the concept that a figure can be made of many shapes. This could be especially powerful with (colorful) manipulatives - even just from printer paper. 

Maybe you've tried something like this before, but I'm trying to be more active in #MTBoS, and this answer occured to me as I read your blog. Please feel free to respond with any feedback ! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Word Problems

Literacy is a struggle for many of my students. Breaking down word problems is one of the most difficult tasks. Even when they know the math, they have a hard time understanding when to use what they know.

This is what I've been using, but I haven't been consistent enough to be sure it's really helping.

At the least, it's prompted me to ask -- what do you use to support students who struggle with literacy in math class?? 

By next year, I hope all my students can say "I got 99 problems, but word problems ain't one.." #cornyteacher