Types of Math Questions


My new co-teacher came up with three reasons students get stuck in math.

Students say something like, "I don't get it,"  and what we think they mean is that they don't understand one of the following --  vocabulary, procedure or concept.

For Vocabulary issue,  they might ask "What does ___ mean?"

For Procedure issue,  they might ask "How do we ___?"

For Concept issue,  they might ask ...???

What would a Concept issue-question be? This is where we are stuck, and where I'm looking for help. My thinking is that if a bunch of thoughtful teachers send us the questions their students ask, we can sort them and determine two things - (1) if our three categories are adequate and (2) which of those questions might best be categorized as a "concept" questions.

So tell us, What questions do your students ask in math class?

Do those questions fall into one of our categories? Is there a category we're missing? What does it sound like when a student has a Concept question?


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