I love to learn. I am a shameless student. This manifests in many ways. One way it's been playing out recently is in my online class. The "Ask A Question" thread is all. me.

I sometimes feel like I'm burdening our teacher by asking so much. I truly do seek out other resources before posting. I tell students to check "brain, book, buddy, boss."  I try to follow the same rule for myself. Before I seek out the "boss" by posting, I've racked my brain - shown work on paper, read and re-read the chapter and as much as possible check in with a knowledgable colleague or friend.

Yet, I am still posting the most questions. For our current module, it is currently all me.  And finally one of my classmates responded saying, "Thank you for asking - I was wondering the same thing!" And it feels great to hear that.

It really does feel good to be thanked, because asking can make you feel vulnerable "Am I the only one not understanding this??" So, as a teacher now -- I'll be the one to remind classmates to thank each other for their great questions.


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