Blindspots... and Butter.

Two nights ago as I was falling asleep I had an idea for a post about Blindspots. I also realized I needed to get butter at the store. I drifted off to sleep pleading my mind to recall "Two B's - blindspots and butter."

I awoke, remembered the two words, and got the butter. Yet I can't quite recall what my twilight brain wanted to dissect about blindspots.

I first realized what a blindspot was in one of my high school science classes (or was it Driver's Ed?). A friend moved their hand on the side of my head until I couldn't see it. It disappeared into my blindspot. That's what it is right? A blindspot is something you can't see.

I've been desperate to ask this question of everyone around me, and a few times now have worked up the courage to do so. I really need help learning my racial blindspots.  I need people to tell me when my racial bias, and any of my biases, are showing. I want to live and work in places where people are comfortable with me calling them out on their blindspots too. How do I create these communities?


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