525,600 minutes

So I might have missed a few blog posts. Oops.

This year...
- I'm now a *public* school teacher, and learned a bit about feeling like a cog in a big machine.
- I taught true freshmen (see: actual 14 year olds) for the first time.
- I taught classes with >50% attendance (see: 30 students all in the room at once) for the first time.
- I use a Promethean (not Smart) board.
- I did not use Standards Based Grading.
- I flipped a class (on EdPuzzle) and didn't self-pace it.  (More on that later).
- I experimented with Interactive Notebooks.
- I met a few great math teachers and attended some PDs.
- I presented at a PD for math teachers for the first time.
- I taught completing the square (in Algebra 1) for the first time.
- I feel tired because its June, but more rested than I have ever felt in a June.
- I learned about collaborating with peers.
- I had students give math class presentations (expositions) for the first time.

I'm going to try and get more active on MTBoS. Look out for a  post about goals coming soon...


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