Planning my curriculum map for next year and stuck here. 

Typically, I've taught these topics in this order ...

1) Solve Linear Equations
(first in one variable, then Literal Equations)
2) Solve Linear Inequalities
(in one variable - including graphing the solution set and including compound inequalities, as well as interval notation) 
3) Graph Linear Equations
4) Graph Linear Inequalities

Others in my department do the following...
1) Solve Linear Equations
2) Graph Linear Equations
3) Solve Linear Inequalities
4) Graph Linear Inequalities

The latter doesn't flow right to me. I'm trying to sort out why in my head. Here goes with the latter's drawbacks...

- Can't use interval notation when discussing domain and range of the linear equations you've graphed because students won't yet know it.
- Solving inequalities is just like solving equations (with one special rule) and I want to keep that flow going. (Though, on the other hand, maybe returning to it helps spiral and keep fresh that old information). 

And positives...
- follows all the way through with linear equations.
- students less likely to confuse equations and inequalities when graphing because they are separate.



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