With A Little Help From Our Friends

So recently I posted that one of my goals for next year is to foster more community and collaboration among my students.  Now, I am reaching out to my community to help keep me accountable to that goal and other goals I've posted.

As teachers, we are disappointed when students don't show self-regulation and discipline. However, if I'm honest, it's something I struggle with as well - especially when I don't have an outside force holding me accountable. When it's only me trying to set and reach a goal... at best, I do this, I reach out.  "Siri, Remind me on August 15 what I said I'd do in June..." 

I'm also reaching out here, and I'll reach out to my local community as well.

Hey there in cyberspace! Will you check up on me next year? Will you share your strategies for holding yourself accountable to your goals? 


  1. This is tough one for sure! One thing that helps me is to keep the goal simple and start small. If I'm trying to get something off the ground in my classroom, I take baby steps. Try one thing, for one lesson, once a week.

    Also, if I don't find myself working towards my goal after a few weeks (or months), then I must not have really wanted to reach that particular goal. When I realize this, I then think, 'OK, I know I wanted to do this, but probably not in this way (since I didn't actually do it). How can I change it to better fit my system?' Then go from there. I guess what I'm saying is iteration is key to holding yourself accountable.

    Those are the first couple of things that come to mind that may help not..or may not! Either way, I wish you the best. I will try and remind you next year!! ~Brian


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