Recently, you might have heard Lin Manuel Miranda say love is love is love is love is love. 

This past year, I used this image to introduce a unit on equivalent expressions.

Kanye is Kanye is Kanye is Kanye.

Next year, I'll use this one.

Love is love is love is love is love.

All equivalent forms. All equal.

This might not be the same constructive controversy Dan Meyer intended in his NCTM 2016 presentation. And I wish it weren't controversial. But I'm hoping it can be constructive.

I'm nervous about dipping my teaching toes into this pool. I'm also too afraid of what the world will look like in 20 years if people like me don't make some type of a change. People that are teachers, people that are educated, people that try to be aware -- if we don't do something, nothing changes.


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